Rope Access

Using climbing techniques to clean in the most difficult to reach locations without the use of scaffolding or aerial platforms

LRES-UK Ltd have teams trained in Industrial Rope Access Trade Associations (IRATA) methods and we carry an IRATA membership for working in the offshore oil and gas industry, construction, civil engineering and many other environments.

Our training allows us to work safely at great heights using ropes and associated equipment to gain access to and from the workplace while being fully supported.

More than glass cleaning

When people hear rope access, they immediately think about cleaning of glass on the exterior of buildings. While we can do this, our rope access technicians can go so much further to keep your industrial or commercial property in good clean and working order. From something as in-depth as metal testing and inspection to investigate fatigue and fractures to a simple but difficult job like replacing industrial lighting, our rope access technicians are on-call to support you.

Cost effective

Rope access is a safe and practical access solution that allows LRES-UK to offer our clients the most cost-efficient option to conduct their required maintenance projects. Because rope access requires less equipment, requires less time on construction and the actual work is often quicker, the price for rope access is far more cost effective than erecting scaffolding or using an aerial platform.

IRATA certified

LRES-UK rope access technicians are all fully trained and hold IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) certification. Our in house IRATA Level 3 managers are highly experienced in specialist rigging and all are multi- skilled tradesmen, this allows the specialist teams to conduct and assist in a wide range of projects. LRES-UK are also able to provide rope access training.

Rope access de-slag

A popular rope access service is our de-slag with rope access. We provide clients with a complete access and de-slag solution and is available across all sectors and assets. During this, our highly qualified and experienced technicians can remove ash or debris, undertake shot blasting and NDT, complete industrial cleaning tasks, and carefully inspect and repair your asset.

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