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Sentry is the trained personnel at the entrance of a confined space used to monitor the situation and ensure the safety of the rescue team and others on-site.

The sentry is responsible for maintaining communication with the rescue team, monitoring environmental conditions, and providing additional assistance in case of an emergency.

Recognising the signs

LRES-UK Confined Space Rescue’s sentry personnel are equipped with specialised equipment, including gas detectors and communication devices, to monitor the air quality inside the confined space and to alert the rescue team in case of any hazardous conditions arising. They are trained to recognise the signs of distress and to initiate carefully planned emergency procedures if necessary.

Helping prevent accidents

The role of the sentry is crucial in ensuring the safety and success of confined space rescue operations. It allows for real-time monitoring and assessment of the situation, which can help prevent accidents and ensure a quick response in case of an emergency. LRES-UK Confined Space Rescue’s sentry personnel are highly trained and experienced, and they work closely as part of our wider rescue team to ensure a safe and efficient operation.

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