Rope Access

Accessing difficult to reach locations without scaffolding or aerial platforms

Rope Access

LRES-UK Confined Space Rescue have teams trained in Industrial Rope Access Trade Associations (IRATA) methods and we carry an IRATA membership for working in the offshore oil and gas industry, construction, civil engineering and many other environments.

Our training allows us to work safely at great heights using ropes and associated equipment to gain access to and from the workplace while being fully supported.

Best possible support

LRES-UK Confined Space Rescue understand the importance of efficient and safe access and use rope access as a crucial method for accessing and working in difficult spaces. Rope access provides an effective solution for our team to work not only at height but in areas that are difficult to reach with traditional methods, ensuring that we can provide the best possible support and rescue services to our clients in any environment.

Versatile and efficient

Rope access allows us to be versatile in our approach, enabling us to access difficult-to-reach areas without having to use heavy equipment or scaffolding, which can be time-consuming and costly. This makes our services more time efficient and cost effective, and it also reduces our environmental impact by minimising the use and transportation of potentially unnecessary equipment.

Ensuring safety for all

In situations where access is limited, rope access can provide the best means of access and allows LRES-UK Confined Space Rescue’s team to descend, move horizontally through a confined space, and ascend while ensuring the safety of the casualty, the rescue team, and any others on-site.

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