CCTV Confined Space Management

Using the latest CCTV technology for unrivalled safety and efficiency


State-of-the-art CCTV Confined Space Monitoring system to prioritise and enhance safety within confined spaces.

Our cutting-edge technology reduces the need for onsite personnel, resulting in cost savings while enhancing safety.

LRES-UK’s CCTV Confined Space Management service is brought to you in partnership with VISICS.

How CCTV Confined Space Monitoring works

Our integrated system ensures continuous visual coverage and gas analysis. Cameras are connected to gas detection units, delivering 24/7 monitoring. The data is seamlessly transmitted to our on-site control station, where our rescue team members oversee operations. From there, they can relay critical information to the rescue team patrols on-site and provide updates to end users upon request. This streamlined communication process ensures efficient response and effective management of confined space situations.

Key Features
  • Advanced Camera System
    Our external and internal cameras replace sentry / hole watcher roles and centralise confined space monitoring, significantly reducing manpower requirements without reducing safety. On a typical twelve hour shift two CCTV operators can replace up to twelve sentries per set up.
  • Gas Detection Integration
    Cameras are linked to area gas detection units, providing 24/7 coverage and real-time gas analysis, monitored by our dedicated control station and rescue team members. This helps to reduce the time it takes to issue permits and the requirement for hourly gas checks.
  • Access Control & Communication
    Swipe card and intercom systems ensure efficient communication and restricted access, allowing precise control over who enters confined spaces. Installation of easy to use access control turnstiles for muster points which allow users to simply swipe in and out. Assets can be similarly tagged to manage potential losses and thefts.
  • Comprehensive Data & Recording
    Our system records all activity 24/7, providing valuable insights and complying with health and safety regulations. All the data we collect is available for you to keep, including detailed recordings of any health and safety incidents.
  • Downtime Reduction
    By leveraging CCTV technology, we minimise the downtime and delays associated with sentry guards, resulting in improved productivity.

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